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Naturway Clinic Anti-Dandruff Garlic Shampoo

Size: 500ml

The powerful formula developed with garlic, horse chestnut and zinc prevents the formation of dandruff, while helping to eliminate hair loss with caffeine, vitamin B5 and biotin.

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It can be used by people who have dandruff and shedding problems. It is suitable for use for all hair types that have this problem. 

Thanks to its special technological formulation, it is free from the smell of garlic. It has a fruity and floral scent. 

Massage into wet hair. Wait for a while and rinse with plenty of water. It is recommended to be used regularly for effective results. It is suitable for daily use. 

Naturway Garlic Herbal Extract Anti-Dandruff and Hair Loss Shampoo strengthens hair with garlic in its composition and helps to eliminate hair loss. Organic aloe vera juice moisturizes and relaxes the scalp. Provitamin B5 moisturizes and strengthens your hair, making it look shiny and healthy. Caffeine and biotin give vitality to the hair and support the elimination of shedding. Horse chestnut and zinc act on the sebaceous glands in hair that is prone to dandruff and shedding, balancing the oiliness, helping to remove dandruff, strengthen the hair and give it a healthy appearance. The natural odor of garlic has been removed and has a pleasant smell.

Main Plants / Supplementary Vitamins
Aloe Vera

Soothes the skin, has the healing effect. Used against itching and inflammation of the skin. Also used as an aid in psoriasis and acne treatments.


Has an antimicrobial property. Has a revitalizing effect. Cleanses the scalp and effective against hair loss. Accelerates hair growth. A plant that has traditionally been used to treat ringworm...

Horse Chestnut

Has anti-inflammatory properties, a plant used for varicose veins problems. Contains antioxidants. Has an effect that speeds up circulation.


It is vitamin B7 (vitamin H). Also known as beauty vitamin. Effective for hair and nail development and good appearance. Contributes to the removal of pale, dull, dry, flaky appearance of the skin and nails.


Accelerates hair growth. A powerful antioxidant.

Provitamin B5

Populates the hair, strengthening and moisturizes it, providing a shiny look, ensures fitness, repairs the ends of the hair.


It is one of the most effective substances against dandruff.


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  • It contains; garlic, aloe vera, horse chestnut, provitamin B5, zinc, caffeine, biotin are available. It does not contain paraben, silicone, dyestuff, animal substance, gluten, alcohol, mineral oil (Paraffin), formaldehyde.
  • Naturway Clinic Garlic Herbal Extract Shampoo uses the extract of garlic, which has beneficial properties, specially separated from its odor.
  • The strongest and active plants are used in the formula of the product against hair loss. While garlic is a traditional herb that has been used for hair loss for years, caffeine and biotin give vitality to the hair and support the elimination of hair loss. Horse chestnut also helps to strengthen the hair and give it a healthy appearance.
  • You should talk to your doctor about ringworm.
  • No. The herbal extracts used are special ingredients for the scalp and roots.
  • We recommend that you use the shampoos given by your doctor after hair transplantation.
  • With regular daily use, you will start to see the effect of hair growth in 2 weeks.

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